KUNST MACHT BANIK — is a film about the deutsche bank kunsthalle event – MACHT KUNST – http://deutsche-bank-kunsthalle.de
where the bank invited all berlinian amateurs and artists to bring their artworks, allegedly to show some of these works to the opening exhibition, but to unearth the truth, just wanted to make a PR stunt and used the despair of the artists to create a flashmob of the local artscene, to get recognised and well known, as the new artful place to be.

the slogan for this event — macht kunst — is can be seen as a hidden command, which is so to say an indirect offer for the media artist renfah, to reflect on this marketing strategy by deflect this slogan into kunst macht bank ( art does bank), as kunstmacht bank or otherwise as kunst macht panik (art makes panic), all of this represented by the title and content of the film, which leads to a game of ambiguity, you can either read it as bank, or as panic, that happens, when you let the bank do the art, or even worse, what power the bank has on art, you see how forceful the power of business is and its impact on the precarious artists, and how this is shaping the effects on the perception of art. Where there is no controversy or critique, just a big exploitation.


© 2013 http://renfah.net ®


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