What happened at the exhibition “International Women’s Day. Feminism: From Avant-Garde to the Present”? (Moscow, Russia)

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On March 7th, 2013 the exhibition International Women’s Day. Feminism: from avant-garde to the present  curated by Natalya Kamenetskaya, Marina Loshak and Olesya Turkina opened at the Manezh Museum and Exhibition Center “ The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” in Moscow. However, accusations of censorship soon emerged when two artists’ works, those of Victoria Lomasko and Masha Umnaya, were reported to have been removed from the exhibition.  Here we re-publish statements from those involved in the conflict, originally published in Russian on Colta.ru, in an article by Sergey Guskov.


Victoria Lomasko, artist

Sergey Guskov:  Tell us how you came to be invited in this exhibition.

Victoria Lomasko:  I was originally invited by Nadia Plungian, whom the curators had asked to contribute a text for the catalog. She suggested them to invite artists from the exhibition  “The Feminist pencil , ” which I had co-organized last fall. Nadia asked me what work I would like…

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