VIENNAFAIR – it seems to be common use, that if you dont find any buyers, and you have some pseudo-oligarch runnin´ the fun that you have to invest on your own – and buy the ikea-like artifacts to keep up the price, and the hamsterwheel runnin to satisfy your investors…thats what happened 2012 at the worldwide unknown viennafair, but everyone seems to be fine with the fact, and even austria broadcasting media is layin´ on the ground and pissin themselves ´bout this NOT INTERESTING, NOR REPRESENTING, NOR ANYTHING BUT COMMERCIAL F*ARTFAIR…and these circumstances radiate across Vienna and all the so called independentsparkdeckersveschists, asses (or how do I translate ESEL?) and other “OFF” spaces – do the rest and try to insist on the taste givin by the market…so anyhow…dear viennartfairies – try to think – not only out of your crotchy wallet, and maybe someday you will get respect…otherwise I´ll continue to puke the whole day – when I look at the things that you do  …


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